Automate information extraction is a service that uses machine learning to automatically extract “dark” data (unstructured data buried in text, tables or figures which by definition cannot be processed by existing software or analytics platforms) from documents such as news articles, legal contracts or more richly formatted data such as web-pages, business reports, regulatory reporting or scientific literature.


Define the specific data points (name, date, entity, tables, etc.) that you need to retrieve. Train a ML model a subset of the documents (text, PDF, articles, web, pages, etc.) in collaboration with a subject-matter expert. Once the ML is ready and deployed, send the documents to be processed to our hosted infrastructure (or process locally in the case of a hybrid model). 

WHAT MAKES SC.IO SPECIAL? automates complex screening and analysis process by recognising and extracting the relevant data points and provides you with a structured data output (such as a JSON file). Guaranteed better than human-level quality at unprecedented speed and scale.

SC.IO Services

Quality at Scale

SC.IO achieves better than human extraction while scaling up to millions of documents.

Extraction process automation via machine learning

SC.IO uses machine learning to automate the process of extracting information from existing data sources. SC.IO works so that you can focus on what really matters.

easy to setup and manage

SC.IO is designed as an end to end integrated workflow from data collection to the production of structured results,
accessible via simple API calls.


Our team is comprised of  top industry experts with backgrounds in machine learning, data science, engineering, entreprise architecture and entreprise software who have encountered first-hand the problems we are trying to solve and who know what delivering value means for our clients.


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